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Skeleton Key in Portuguese is THE BEST. Congratulations. Our brave Skeleton Key works flawlessly in Portuguese. It couldn't be better, it's terrific, period. As promised, i'll tell everyone the great keyboard i've bought.

Moacir Lećo

I want to tell you how pleased you took the time to develop Skeleton Key. In 2002 I was given EZ Keys. The professionals thought it was fantastic. I was typing 2 words a minute by scanning. Its word prediction was awful. The program was constantly locking up, and the keyboard was ugly. Although I am currently trying to get funding for another augmentative communication device, Skeleton Key is crucial to me as a backup system. [...] I don't want any handicapped individual taken advantage of. EZ Keys is taking advantage of us.

Sarah Morris

Excellent piece of software BTW. And the fact that you wrote it with your big toe is amazing!! I hope to move all of my clients to your level of capability. [...] I readily recommend Skeleton Key to anyone. I do adaptive tech for a living and it is the best alternate GUI I've seen.

Paul Sullivan

Best computer tool I've come across.

Gurdy Kasba

My opinion for Skeleton Key. I have the Skeleton Key for a year [...] Before Skeleton Key I have bought other keyboards I pay too much money for nothing, if I compare with Skeleton Key. Geia hara.

Fotios Tzimas

I am an Assistive Technology Consultant [...] I would like to compliment you on your software program Skeleton Key. I know of no other program that provides such functional computer access with speech capabilities. And the price of the software is also a plus!

Ja Medlicott

I simply love this program.

Matt Pacinda

Personally, I don't understand why people waste thousands on speech specific devices when you can get a laptop for $600-$900 and Skeleton Key for $99.

Dave Q

I am writing to mention how useful your product has been for my wife, Colleen, who also has ALS. I am a software engineer, who when I started looking for simple keyboard assist, I was surprised to see how lousy they all were... until I stumbled upon Skeleton Key. If I hadn't stumbled, I would probably have ventured down the same path of throwing something together myself, but now not a day goes by without Colleen using Skeleton Key. We are not "new" users, we have been using since version 1.40. So I am just writing to say "well done".

Steve Deloge

I have tested every onscreen keyboard program I can find and right now I'm using Skeleton key, it was written by another ALS paitent for his own use. Out of everything I've tested it's been the best, very stable, easy to use.

Ronnie Love

Thank you so much... my laptop is now up and running your wonderful lifesaving product.

Nancy Fegenbush

Best virtual keyboard I've seen and I've tried a lot. [...] I have ALS and it is tools like this that make my life a lot better. Thanks.

Roger Poulin

After a year of procrastination I started using Scanning Skeleton Key with my new laptop. And yes, you were right, IT'S LOTS OF FUN. On Friday I'll have the XP version of Ez-Keys installed on laptop and I will compare the two programs. As I've mentioned before I've used Words+ products since 1984, but in recent years the company seems to have lost their enthusiasm. There was lots of bugs in Windows 98 version of Ez-keys and frankly I got tired of the aggravation. From all the advantages I've seen so far Skeleton Key wins hands down. I doubt seriously Ez-keys can take the place of my new love. Thanks much ;)

Rama Whitlock

I have tried other on-screen keyboards, but they always seem to have glitches, but not Skeleton Key, Ya-hoo!!!

Mark Sobrilsky

As an ALS patient, I would like to thank you for this excellent software. I have tried so many programs but your top them all. Thanks again for helping us.

Matthew Alden

The Skeleton Key program is fantastic! I used it to type this. The great thing about this program is you can adapt it to fit your needs. Dov Wisebrod (the creator) always answers your questions and has a helpful forum on his site. I recently installed a new voice and I use Skeleton Key to talk on the phone! I haven't been able to do that for 4 years! We put our PC microphone up to the speaker and use the phone program on the PC. The people I call have to be patient while I type and they usually understand everything. My husband loves it when I call him at work! It is amazing how something like that can give you some freedom back!

Michele Cornell

GREAT product! [My son] has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and has really gained a great deal of computer independence through use of your product. Thanks!

Joan Shurance

By the way Skeleton Key works great and I brag about it to everyone who asks.

Darin Lilly

Just wanted to put in a word for Dov Wisebrod's Skeleton Key, a software program for PALS, written by a PALS, that is an on screen keyboard which allows hands off computing for those of us who have lost the ability to compute and communicate using the standard keyboard or mouse. With the use of any other clicking device (I have chosen a Twitch Switch which tapes to my forehead and operates with a twitch of my eyebrow to click a special mouse and connector.) I am able to freely type letters, email, navigate the internet, and use most software programs independently.

I have had ALS for over eight years and have been on a ventilator for nearly four years. My speech is only now becoming very difficult for most people to understand, but I have had no use of my arms for many years now. I had to find a method to write years ago. I originally tried Dragon Dictate, which is a good program in the right situation. However, my speech was already slurring, and speaking simply made me more and more congested, a real problem for those on ventilators. A major problem using Dragon Dictate is that you must have a quiet environment. I live in a small but chaotic household. Any noise would interfere with my typing. And I was self-conscious speaking my letters out loud in front of anyone who happened to be in the room.

However, since using Skeleton Key, I can type away for hours and my sons can have band practice whenever they choose to, I can have the T.V. on, and any number of people can be walking in and out of the house without interfering with my progress. I can only improve on my speed and efficiency as I use the program, where as I lost proficiency with Dragon Dictate as my speech became worse. As I master one part of Skeleton Key, there is something new to learn. I will be using the text to speech program next, something that would cost me thousands of dollars through any other program. Mr. Wisebrod has been available for help through his Skeleton Key Forum, his upgrades, which are based on our suggestions, and his mailing list.

Before trying Skeleton Key, I researched many programs available for ALS patients. Most were very expensive and had little if anything more to offer than Dov's program.

Betsy Billings

Skeleton Key works great for me, I would be "grounded" without it. Thanks.

Alan Inglis

The best on-screen keyboard I have found is Skeleton Key. It is written by a PALS who has done a tremendous job incorporating features that make it quick and easy to use.

David Norwood

I just wanted to say thank you for building this program. I am in my 5th year of having ALS and finding that my one good finger isn't so good anymore. I tried the Gus! Access Keyboard and it kept freezing up my Dell. I tried a few others and didn't really like them. I just about gave up looking and then found Skeleton Key. Thank God I did! Skeleton Key is wonderful! It is so easy to use and I love the way I can customize it to fit my needs. You have given me back some of my freedom. It didn't even cost me a small fortune like the others would have. May God bless you mightly for your efforts!

Michele Cornell

I love it.

Richard Philofsky

Just a note to tell you that I am using your software and the more I use it the easier it works for me. [...] The software is everything you say it is.

Bernie Kurtz

I recently read about your Skeleton Key onscreen keyboard program on the ALS Digest and decided to download the free demo version and try it out. I have been investigating onscreen keyboards because although I currently own several well known onscreen keyboard programs, I wasn't particularly happy with any of them. I have recently made my evaluation of available products more of a formal project because the director of the AAC Center at the local medical school requested my feedback on what I thought were the advantages and disadvantages of available products. I am also a board member of a local ALS Foundation which plans to start an AAC program within the next 6-12 months and thought a thorough evaluation will help us decide what products we may want to purchase for the program. Having tried your product and compared it to the 10 other onscreen keyboard products I have evaluated, I thought I would write and give you my feedback.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how well designed and full featured Skeleton Key was given it's extremely reasonable price. It is nice to be able to buy one product that integrates an onscreen keyboard with features such as online help, a dwell cursor, scanning, word prediction, abbreviation expansion, text-to-speech and the ability to design custom keyboards among numerous other features. Skeleton Key will work for users with virtually any level of disability and allows someone with a progressive disease like ALS to buy one product that has features which allow it to continue be of use at each stage of the disease. I was also very pleased that you have chosen to license the software to the user, rather than to a single computer, enabling the user to purchase one copy and install on all the computers they use. Lastly, I was extremely impressed by the quality and stability of your product. Unlike a number of more well known and expensive competitive products, I have not once had Skeleton Key freeze or crash my computer. I have not encountered any bugs and it performed flawlessly and as documented. I guess it makes a difference in quality when the designer also uses the product on a daily basis.

Please accept my congratulations on having designed an exceptional product and my thanks for offering it at such an affordable price. You have really done a great service to the disabled community. Keep up the good work!

Steve White

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